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Wireless Tethering for Android Phones

2010 May 26
by Eddie

As many of you already know, Google announed during their second IO Keynote on Thursday that the latest version of Android (2.2 – Froyo) to start shipping will include WiFi tethering – or hotspots.

This feature allows you to share your mobile phone’s connection with any nearby computer – and its completely legit
Phone carriers can be none to pleased, as makers like Sprint already include a hotspot option on their latest EVO, but charge extra for the feature.

Since I was fortunate enough to attend Google IO i received the new EVO along with its 30 day trial of Sprint’s service.  I must say that I am in love, but paying ~$80 a month for one phone and data is just too much..

Maybe I will share the phone with a loyal reader after my plan expires next month..

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