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My Free Google Phone Arrived!

2010 March 24
by Eddie

I never posted the start of this story. To be honest I thought it was a scam, and didn’t want to boast about being burned.
BUT alas it is not a scam! – The phone arrived as promised and ahead of schedule.

Free Google Phone in Box

'heres yer phone, thanks for rockin'

So if you did not infer from the text of the letter, or just can;t read it in that tiny photo, here’s the background.

I released QueueMan through the Android Market back in October, about 4 months ago. SInce then, thanks to lots of feedback I have grown from 46 users to 12,000 active users, and ~20,000 downloads.  Awesome!

So that was reward enough, but Google wanted to call out some developers in an attempt to seed the market with high-end android devices, smart.

But the initial email came from an address I was unable to reply to, and led me to a generic Google ‘Sites’ page.  Anyone can make a page on Google Sites, and the tricky could likely spoof an email address.

So there was my dilemma, do I give my name and address to a random web page that claims to be Google, or do I miss out on the sweetest phone ever~!?

I did neither, I tapped an engineer I had corresponded with at Google. His email came back:

“rest assured the offer is legit. Congratulations on your free developer phone”

I’m sure, based on the criteria in the email, and the fact this is Google – this offer likely went to hundreds or possibly thousands of other developers. SO I rushed back to the site to make sure I got in on time, trusting now that the offer was sincere.  It was a few weeks before I got a confirmation. “Your new phone should arrive in 2-4 weeks.”  And here we are, just under 2 weeks later, staring at a brand new 1Ghz Nexus One powered by Android.
I F***** LOVE Google.

The phone is seriously snappy.  All the apps I had on my G1 now perform at hyper-speed. Smooth screen transition effects too!. I’ll admit that even QueueMan performs better on the Nexus One from Google.

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